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Welcome to the site of GSP Slovakia, s.r.o.
The company specializes in many solutions in the market of internet services since 2009. From the development of computer systems to provision of end-user services. We provide high standards for attractive prices and products created with passion to follow our goal. We value our customers and are approaching them with profesionalism and friendliness simultaneously.


About Us

We are a team of young people who bond together in a vision to establish a successful hosting company.
We make the company grow, while it does the same for us.

Pavel Žižka

Pavel Žižka


Jakub Machan

Jakub Machan

Chief Technology Officer

Stanislav Habich

Stanislav Habich

Network administrator
David Lanc

David Lanc

Customer support team leader


  • Pavel Žižka

    Na Veselce 1013
    Úpice, 542 32
    Česká Republika

    IČO: 72085584
    DIČ: CZ9112103869



HYDRA is the name of our youngest administration system, through which are all our current services provided and moderated. It contains complex functions regarding game server management.


Administration Interface & Management (SAIM) is a predecessor of the HYDRA system. When deployed, it was the best admin panel available in Slovakia. is an old-school brand and the biggest game hosting in Slovakia. It provides around 1 500 game servers. is a branch under development. It's goal is to gain significant market share.

Project under development that is due to Q3 2013 with the goal to become the leader in the Austrian market.

An international provider of virtual private servers with unlimited IPv4.

Our Polish division, which was set up in 2016.

The Czech division is purely focused on selling virtual private servers with unlimited IPv4.


Our long-term goal is to gain a stable position in the world of game servers.



  • - Official Discord server
  • - VIP payment via credit card and bank transfer
  • - New domains offer


  • - Majority of year 50% sale on selected services as a Covid help
  • - Live chat on a web
  • - Released affiliate system
  • - Re-design of webpage


  • - First CZ/SK game hosting on AMD Ryzen 3900X servers
  • - Created e-shop with CS:GO skins
  • - Payment via CS:GO skins


  • - Payments in crypto
  • - Preparing for Hungary Market


  • - Participation in Craftcons
  • - Expansion to Poland
  • - A new project Master CSGO


  • - Launch Online TV
  • - New administration interface
  • - Add VPNs to our products


  • - A new project
  • - Active DoS protection and DDoS firewall
  • - A new fiber optical connection to our DC with protection
  • - Acquisition of project with customers and services, migration of services to our topology


  • - Company changed CEO with many experiences
  • - Moving all servers to our own datacenter
  • - A new workers for minimal response time for tickets
  • - We put guarante time for response to open ticket in our system
  • - Acquisition of project with customers and services, migration of services to our topology
  • - Offer extension of VPS servers and dedicated servers
  • - We have started offering servers with SSD SATA2 and SSD SAS2 connection
  • - Extending our plans to a new game services and hosting services


  • - entering foreign markets
  • - establishing offices in Bratislava
  • - taking over the domains of and
  • - the launch of the HYDRA system


  • - exceeding the number of 50 servers
  • - taking over the domains of
  • - team extended


  • - first employee
  • - mobile payments
  • - game portfolio extended, revenue growth


  • - building our brand


  • - first servers
  • - system SAIM and a new website
  • - GSP Slovakia, s.r.o. established